Bitcoin Cash exchange opens up for business

The cryptocurrency exchange and exchange service turned to Bitcoin Cash as an alternative for users looking to exchange the altcoin for fiat money, the bitcoin-accepting company announced Wednesday.The exchange, which is now open for business, lets customers exchange bitcoin for cash in two options: bitcoin for US dollars or bitcoin for a bank transfer.It will


What the Exchange Rates Mean for You

Posted October 02, 2018 03:07:50As we head into the holiday shopping season, here’s what the exchange rates will look like for you.If you’re a gold buyer and are looking to buy a large gold piece, the exchange rate will fluctuate from the low of $1,350 USD at the beginning of the holiday season, through the


This is how the euro exchange rate works.

The euro exchange rates are calculated by taking the difference between the value of the dollar and the euro, which is equal to 0.727 euros.The difference between a US dollar and a euro is called the exchange rate and is often calculated using the difference of one-fifth and one-half of one euro.In other words, the