Best crypto exchange for Americans

The best exchange for U.S. citizens who are looking to use a bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum exchange is a U.K.-based service called Southern Exchange.The company was founded in February and serves more than 150,000 people around the world, including those who work for major U.k. financial institutions.Southern Exchange has a user interface that resembles a


How to find the Southern Exchange Agent in Bradford

With the deadline approaching and more than 100,000 applications for entry into the Northern Exchange Program (NEP) nearing completion, the process is becoming a constant battle for applicants.In Bradfords case, the application for entry was approved just last week.But as of March 30, the final tally of applications was already down to less than 70,000,


#SXSW 2018: Best crypto exchange & exchange places

The SXSW conference is a major global event for tech and business leaders, and its held every year since 2015.It brings together the largest and most important companies in the world to showcase the latest technology and the latest trends in finance and finance products.It’s also the biggest annual gathering for the world’s financial institutions,