BAPTEX: ‘It’s time to pull back’

BAPTOEX is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies on the market right now.It has been around for over a year now, and it has a very high valuation, with an average market cap of over $40 billion.The BAPTC, or BAPTTEX, is the second-highest traded cryptocurrency, after bitcoin.However, the BAPTA, or BTC-E, is actually more popular.According to


First exchange bank launches bitcoin trading service

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — The first exchange bank in the U.S. to accept bitcoin is expanding its trading capabilities and expects to become the largest bitcoin trading platform.The BIRMS Exchange has expanded its trading capacity to handle bitcoin from $10 million in its current status to $150 million, said Jim Hulshof, BIRMs president and CEO.It will


‘What you need to know about the Armani Exchange’

Armanis are the third-largest brand in the world, after Chanel and Chanel Australia.The company has been making clothes for almost 80 years, and has been a big success for the past decade.They have the world’s most valuable brands, and the biggest fashion brands in the Middle East.The brand’s sales have increased over the past 10