What will the world look like by 2100?

The world will look different by the end of the century, according to a report from the United Nations that forecasts the global population to rise to 10.5 billion by 2100, as temperatures rise and crop yields decline.The UN report, “What will the World Look Like by 2100?”, is the most comprehensive assessment of human-induced


A new federal tax system to replace Canada’s national insurance system will cost $1.8bn – the largest single change to the tax system in a decade, and one that will mean more jobs lost and a boost to the deficit

Canada is about to enter a new era of economic prosperity.But with the country in a political tailspin over the next two years, it will also become more expensive to operate the Canadian economy, the OECD says.The OECD has warned of the “big, scary” change in the way Canada’s federal and provincial tax systems work


Which is the best Canadian exchange rate?

Posted September 15, 2018 05:22:08 The Canadian dollar, the euro and the US dollar have all risen sharply since the Federal Reserve announced its latest round of quantitative easing last year.But the exchange rate is still down on expectations, as the government’s benchmark rate continues to fall and inflation is expected to rise.The Canadian government