Which glasses from Oxford Exchange and Armani Exchange will you get?


Oxford Exchange, an online eyewear exchange, is set to launch a new pair of glasses on February 25, 2019.

The glasses will be available to order from the Oxford Exchange site, which is run by the Oxford Group, and will be priced at AU$5,200 ($4,400).

They will be made by the company’s parent company, Oxford Exchange.

They will also come in the Armanis glasses range, which will cost $3,400 ($1,800) and will come with a variety of colors and materials.

Oxford Exchange glasses will come in two different sizes, the small and large.

The small size will be 1.75mm wide and the large 1.5mm wide.

These will be a great option for people who are more sensitive to the eye strain and pressure associated with wearing glasses.

You can buy the Armeni glasses here, and the Oxford exchange glasses here.

Read more at Oxford Exchange blog, and Oxford Exchange’s glasses here

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