When will the armani smart glasses be available?


The next big update in Apple’s AR glasses, the armoni smart-glasses, has arrived.

Armani, which is part of the Italian brand Alpina, has announced that it will be releasing a range of the glasses for Apple Watch users on November 5th.

These glasses will be available in the following colours:Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, White and Yellow.

Armoni says the glasses are powered by the “most advanced and flexible OLED technology”, and can automatically detect what’s on the screen and automatically turn on the watch’s display.

These glasses also have a range-of-motion sensor, which enables the wearer to move his or her hand to adjust the display brightness and contrast.

The new AR glasses have been in development for several years, and were originally planned for the launch of the Apple Watch.

They will be coming to Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models, and will cost €349 (£299), which is a little cheaper than the original price of €499.

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