Meet the people behind the new Bitcoin exchange, Turnip Exchange


The startup that’s built the Bitcoin exchange and bitcoin ATM for Burlington, VT.

Now they’re opening a store and service in Vancouver. 

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to a growing number of bitcoin ATM and exchange businesses. 

Turnip has been the leader in this space since 2016. 

Now they’re bringing that expertise to the Vancouver market. 

The company opened a new store and kiosk in the Canadian city in late April, and they plan to expand that service to Vancouver and other Canadian cities soon. 

Their service is available through a website called “Turnip” which hosts the Bitcoin Exchange and Bitcoin ATM software, along with a large number of other bitcoin services and services. 

“We’ve always been about making it easy for our customers to get Bitcoin,” said Kyle Pecoraro, co-founder of Turnip.

“We’ve never had to worry about how many machines are in our system, how many computers are online, how much bandwidth is being used, or how much we need to spend on hardware. 

We wanted to build a system that would allow us to be efficient, and we wanted to make it easy to build systems that are affordable for our community.” 

According to PecORaro, Turnips Bitcoin Exchange software was originally developed in London, UK. 

This was during the height of the financial crisis, and Turnip was used by hundreds of businesses to accept and process bitcoin payments. 

In 2016, however, TurnIP’s founders decided to switch to a more traditional banking model and instead focus on accepting Bitcoin payments.

“We thought we were going to build the best Bitcoin exchange on the planet,” Pecoras said. 

Today, Turnipt is the third-largest bitcoin exchange in the world. 

Its services include bitcoin ATM, bitcoin transfer, and Bitcoin exchange. 

However, Pecora and his team are currently in talks with a Canadian bank to buy the company and open a service in the province of British Columbia. 

For now, Turnicips Vancouver location is the only one of the six new Vancouver locations in the city. 

PecORaros team is also expanding into Vancouver’s Westside. 

Accordingly, they are currently seeking investors for a second Vancouver store. 

As of this writing, the company has already raised a total of $30,000 from a small group of investors. 

On top of that, they’ve also recently announced a $20,000 seed round led by a large investment from private equity firm, Tangle Capital. 

 “The bitcoin community is growing exponentially, and it’s just a matter of time before we can build something even bigger,” PECORaroes co-founders Kyle Peca and Brian Pecorico said in a statement. 

(Source: Turnips Vancouver, Facebook)

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