‘I have been waiting for it’: Armani Exchange Belt is the first of its kind in the UAE


Armanis are renowned for their high quality jewellery.

However, it was not always this way.

For centuries, it has been the traditional fashion of the rich and famous to wear a jewellery set from the Emirates, including a diamond belt with a pearl earring, a chandelier, a golden tiara and an emerald ring.

The Armania Exchange Belt was designed to take the place of these traditional and expensive pieces of jewellery and offer an affordable alternative for those who can’t afford to own a diamond necklace or earring.

The UAE government had previously announced that the UAE would be the first country to launch an exchange belt, but the official launch of the belt in December 2017 did not go as planned.

Instead, a second round of talks took place, where the UAE and Arman had the option of adding a second belt and the final agreement was agreed on in August.

The official launch on August 23, 2018 has been met with much criticism from some quarters and even some members of the UAE government, with some arguing that the country has not achieved its goal of becoming a high-quality market for Armanias.

The Dubai-based designer and entrepreneur Haji Mohammad Al Seddiqi was among the many who criticised the decision, arguing that Armana, the UAE’s second largest luxury brand, was not prepared to offer a high quality product.

The Belt, a collaboration between the Dubai-listed Al Manar Group and the UAE-based Almani, is a fully functional necklace made of gold plated metal with a golden earring and a diamond chain with a crystal earring at the end.

The belt is available in various sizes and can be purchased online or in the Emirates.

The gold plating is also reflective and the earring is gold plastered to the inside of the ear.

“They [Armani] did not give us a clear plan, and they have not come up with any alternative for us, we have to wait for the announcement of the second belt,” said Seddiwi, adding that it would take more time for the belt to be launched and offered in shops.

“I have waited for it, but I have been impatient,” he said.

“There is a lot of demand in the country, but we are waiting for the official announcement of a second Armanian exchange belt.”‘

I’m really proud of my family and my country’: Armin Van Buuren article Van Buoren is known as the pioneer of electronic music, and Armin has made an appearance on his label, Armin’s Vocaloid, as well as on his own solo label, Vocalium.

The pair met at the Armanio Expo, a showcase of emerging artists and producers, held in the Dubai Fashion Week, in 2015.

They began working together, and in the same year, the pair launched Armanie, a label that aims to create a world of music.

The duo have also collaborated on several collaborations and collaborations have included the release of the album A Place of Peace, which was recorded in a single day in the studio in their home studio.

Van Buoren has also become known for his love of fashion, and he is a well-known fashion and designer in the Middle East.

The Armaniacs label has a strong presence in the region, and the duo have worked with many brands, including Gucci, Calvin Klein and Gucci.

Armanio also released a special line of shoes, a pair of sunglasses and a necklace with a diamond-shaped crystal, all branded with the brand’s logo.

The company is expected to release the Armin Vocalum, a fashion accessory for Armin, next year, and plans to introduce a range of accessories and footwear, including an Armanica wristwatch, a necklace featuring Arman’s logo and a pair and bracelet featuring his name and the Armenian symbol.

The launch of a ArmanIA exchange belt is part of Armanic’s strategy to establish itself as a high end luxury brand in the world, and is expected by Armanios to make a significant impact on the fashion scene, particularly in the luxury goods segment.

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