Best crypto exchange for Americans


The best exchange for U.S. citizens who are looking to use a bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum exchange is a U.K.-based service called Southern Exchange.

The company was founded in February and serves more than 150,000 people around the world, including those who work for major U.k. financial institutions.

Southern Exchange has a user interface that resembles a shopping mall with a few bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether and litecoins displayed.

A selection of other currencies, including ethereum and lukewarm, is also shown.

The service charges a small fee for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Southern exchange is located in the U.KS., where it offers clients access to the U, F, C and D currencies.

It also offers a bitcoin cash wallet, which lets users transfer funds in a fraction of a second.

But the best part of Southern Exchange, according to the company, is its low transaction fees.

The average transaction fee for an individual customer is $0.25, which means the company charges less than 0.001% of the transaction volume to users.

“It’s not really a Bitcoin Exchange or a Litecoin Exchange, but it’s a good, efficient way to get your cryptocurrency into the hands of your users,” said Matt O’Connor, cofounder and CEO of Southern exchange.

The platform has already received support from the U-K Financial Services Authority and has received regulatory approval from the European Commission, which will allow the exchange to begin trading soon.

The Southern exchange has received some of the largest investment from Bitcoin companies, including Bitfinex, BTC China and Bitmain.

O’Leary said he expects the Southern exchange to grow.

“The people that are supporting us, and that’s our community, they’re really excited to be on this journey,” he said.

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