When Is The Post Exchange Closing?


By Andrew Ross Sorkin,The Wall Street JournalThe Post Exchange in Grand Rapids, Mich., which has operated since 1924 as a mail and post office, will close on July 31, a spokeswoman for the exchange said.

The Post was founded in 1917 as the Grand Rapids Post.

The post office has been operating in Grandville, Mich.

since 1934, according to the Michigan Department of Commerce and Economic Development.

The move is part of the post office’s $15.9 billion turnaround plan, which includes more than $7 billion in investments in its infrastructure and new technology, spokeswoman Michelle Rolfe said in a statement.

It will create 100,000 jobs, she said.

“Our commitment to Grand Rapids is unwavering,” Rolfa said.

The Grand Rapids post office is in the midst of a major modernization project to open its doors.

In addition to the closing of the Grand Exchange, Grand Rapids officials are also working on upgrades to the Grand River Park, which is now open to the public.

The grand exchange is also closing the first two branches in Grand Haven, Conn.

The two branches will remain open, but will close by July 31 and the grand exchange will close its mail and postal service operations by July 1.

The Grand Haven post office will also close its branch in Hartford, Conn., the agency said.

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