UK says it is ‘not in favour’ of European Union referendum


The UK government has said it is “not in favor” of the European Union (EU) referendum, despite polls showing support for it is at record highs.

The government said it had not received any official notification from Brussels on the status of the EU referendum.

However, it told Parliament on Thursday that it “did not expect” to receive a notification until Monday.

“We are not in favor of an in/out referendum,” a government spokesperson told reporters in London.

“Our intention is to make the case for the UK to remain in the European Community.”

The UK has said in recent weeks that it is considering withdrawing from the EU, citing economic pressures and its desire to leave the European Economic Area (EEA).

However, the government said that the British government would “continue to negotiate” with Brussels on any future deal.

The UK also wants a greater role for EU judges in EU law, and is keen to get rid of the legal protections for EU citizens who are not British citizens.

The British government, which is also under pressure from its EU partners, has also said it would like to see EU laws changed, and would be open to a deal with Britain to make it easier to take back EU citizens’ passports, and move on from the controversial visa-free travel rules for citizens of the 28 EU member states.

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