How the Air Exchange Helped Help Marylanders Keep Their Jobs


When Maryland’s unemployment rate peaked in April 2016, it sent thousands of Marylanders into the cold winter of the state’s unemployment crisis.

But the exchange has since helped many more people find work.

The Maryland Department of Labor’s Air Exchange is part of the Maryland Department for the Health and Human Services.

It’s a program that helps individuals and businesses find jobs.

And it’s helping Marylanders like Maryse Gershwin find work by connecting them to other people who have jobs in Maryland.

“It’s very important to connect the person with the job,” she said.

Maryland has some of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

But Gerswinn and her husband don’t have a job.

She wants to get them back to work.

“I know that they’re trying to find a way to help, and we want to help,” she told The Baltimore Sun.

“So I just want to do my part.”

Maryland’s economy has suffered from the economic downturn, and the Air Exchanges have been instrumental in helping Maryland workers find jobs again.

“There are thousands of people in Maryland that are unemployed and are on food stamps and other programs that have no way to make a living,” said Sarah Mott, the agency’s director of regional partnerships.

“We see a lot of folks in the Maryland economy who are working, and a lot who are looking for a job,” said Chris Jorgensen, the program’s chief operating officer.

Mott said the exchange’s partners, including the state, the county, and private businesses, are all working together to make the job search as easy as possible for Marylanders.

“If you’re looking for employment in the Baltimore metro area, we are your partner,” she says.

“There’s a lot that goes into this and we really have the resources to do that,” she added.

Mowrer said that the exchange can also help people who are facing other challenges that may require more time or help with education.

“If they’re on food assistance or have to deal with other issues, or they need assistance in finding a job, then we can help them find that,” he said.

“We do not require that they go to work to do what they’re doing, but we do help them get the education and the job.”

Marylands unemployment rate dropped by more than 15% in the last year, but unemployment remains a major concern in the state.

The Office of Labor Statistics reported in September that Maryland’s unemployment rates were higher than the national average, and its highest among counties.

And Mowrer says the agency is working to help workers in Maryland find more work.

Marys unemployment rate is the second-highest in the country, behind Georgia.

“Our economy is doing well,” Mowerer said.

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