How Hillary Clinton ‘s new strategy may be winning over voters


The campaign is focusing on one message after another.

In his speech at a Democratic National Committee event Tuesday, Clinton touted the party’s “record on women and women empowerment” and urged voters to “put a woman in the White House.”

In a speech in Wisconsin Tuesday night, Clinton praised the party for its “strong commitment to equal pay for equal work.”

The campaign also launched an ad campaign on Tuesday highlighting the role women play in the economy.

But Clinton’s campaign is also trying to counter Trump’s attacks on Clinton’s character and record.

The former secretary of state has not been shy about calling Trump’s remarks sexist and misogynistic, as well as racist.

Trump, meanwhile, has gone on the attack on Clinton.

He tweeted Monday that Clinton’s health is “not the issue” and that “she is suffering from pneumonia.”

On Tuesday, the GOP nominee tweeted that Clinton is a “bigot” and “sexist” who is “a danger to the American people.”

Trump also attacked the GOP over the weekend after House Republicans passed legislation that would gut the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

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