Which are the biggest exchange rates in the world?


When it comes to currencies, there are few exchanges as important to a global economy as the dollar.

The US dollar has been a world reserve currency since its creation by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1787.

In Australia, the dollar is the third most traded currency after the euro and the yen.

The exchange rate is also a major driver of the Australian economy, with foreign direct investment and exports accounting for almost two-thirds of GDP.

It has also played a major role in Australian trade with the rest of the world, as well as Australia’s access to international markets.

With its strong dollar, the Australian dollar is one of the most important exchange rates to track.

There are many countries with exchange rates that are more than one dollar, but we’ve put together a list of the top 10 currencies by volume.

What is the most traded Australian currency?

The Australian dollar has grown in value over the last 10 years, with the value of the dollar having increased from $US5.13 to $US7.25 per US dollar.

It is now the most valuable foreign currency in the global economy, according to the World Bank.

In 2017, the value was $US2.99 per Australian dollar, according the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Australia’s biggest exchange rate competitor is the Japanese yen.

Its value is pegged to the US dollar, meaning that when you buy Japanese yen, it costs the same in Australian dollars as it does in American dollars.

This makes it the second-most valuable foreign exchange rate after the Australian Dollar.

What are the most widely traded Australian currencies?

Here are the five most traded currencies by market capitalisation in Australian dollar terms, with their current prices.

Dollar market capitalization Australia dollar Current price US dollar Value of Australian dollar ($) Price per Australian Australian dollar (AUD) USD/JPY AUD/USD $US1.981 1.986 0.989 EUR/JPH EUR/USD 1.985 1.994 1.991 GBP/JPZ GBP /JPY $US3.984 1.975 0.985 AUD/GBP AUD/JPX $US4.002 1.961 0.988 AUD/AUD EUR/US $US0.976 1.993 0.993 AUD/EUR GBP AUD $US14.994 2.099 1.049 AUD/CHF AUD AUD $AUD/CHT $US6.566 1.971 0.952 AUD/CAD AUD CAD $AUD / CAD $CAD $US11.982 1.989 1.072 AUD/NZD AUD NZD $AUD $NZD $US10.822 1.999 1.084 AUD/KRW AUD KRW $AUD 0.983 1.995 1.061 AUD/LDP AUD LDP $AUD 1.005 1.004 1.003 AUD/USDR AUD USD $AUD 2.521 1.812 0.995 AUD/HKD AUD HKD $HKD $USD 2.664 1.911 0.987 AUD/BRL AUD BRL $AUD 3.081 1,907 1.094 AUD $NZH AUD NZH $AUD 5.058 2,003 1.115 AUD/AUD AUD AUD $AUD $NZ$1.867 3.035 0.962 AUD $COP AUD COP $AU$2.527 1.997 0.992 AUD $USD AUD $AU $USD 3.743 1.891 1:00:00 AUD $HNL AUD HKN $AUD 4.957 1.969 1:01:00 USD/CNY USD $CNY $USD 8.98 2.025 0.996 AUD $JPY USD $USD 1:55:56 AUD $DKK AUD DKK $AUD 9.98 4.065 1:02:00 EUR/CHG EUR EUR $DGN $USD 7.98 3.925 1:04:00 JPY/CZJP JPY $JPX 9.08 1.769 0.838 AUD $TWD AUD TWD $AUD 12.6 1.855 0.956 AUD $CHF USD $CHP $AUD 6.99 3.062 1:06:00 AU$/NZ$ AU$ $NZ $NZ 3.942 1.881 0:00 US$/AUD US$ $AUD 8.3 1:07:00 HK$/HK$ HK$ $HK $HK 1.95 1.79 0:07 USD/SGD USD SGD $SGD $SGS $AUD 10.9 1:09:00 GBP $GBP $HK$ $CHK

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