What is a Canadian exchange?


Columbian Exchange is an exchange operating in Canada that aims to provide Canadian investors with a better opportunity to trade.

It operates under the control of a partnership between The Columbia Group, a company controlled by the Sibiu Group, and the Canadian government.

The exchange is designed to be a safe haven for investors, and is designed specifically for international investors, according to a statement released by the Columbias group on Wednesday.

It’s based in a complex, 24,000 sq. ft. office in Toronto, which was originally established to facilitate international investment.

It’s now expanded to include a trading platform, a digital asset and trading platform.

It has also hired about 20 people to work on the project.

The Colombia Group’s CEO, John Columbo, said in a statement that the company had hired more than 10 full-time employees.

“Our company is very excited to be working on Columbians Exchange and bringing the best in Canadian financial services to Canadians,” Columbo said in the statement.

“The Columbiex team has been an excellent partner to the government, and we are committed to making Columbiadex a success.”

Columbia said it had no plans to sell the exchange.

Its partners, the Colombo Group, said it was working with the Colombias to ensure that it continues to operate the exchange as a standalone business.

In January, the exchange’s CEO told investors that he expects the exchange to generate more than $4 million in annual revenue for the Canadian economy by the end of 2019.

columbian exchange definition

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