Navy’s Exchange, Norfolk to open on Oct. 18, 2018


Naval Exchange Norfolk, Virginia, has opened on Oct 16, 2018, following months of delays.

The Navy will have a total of 8,000 seats on a new four-level venue that will house the Navy Exchange’s new $10 billion flagship, the USS George Washington.

The shipyard will build and operate the new ship, which will have its final commissioning ceremony in April 2019.

The building is expected to be ready to open for Navy Exchange employees and other government contractors on Oct 18, which is the official opening of the new facility.

The new facility is expected cost around $15 million.

The U.S. Navy has also announced plans to create an additional 50,000 full-time positions in the future.

The shipyard is the largest shipyard in the world and will produce the largest fleet of naval vessels in the country, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Navy Exchange President and Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Deery, said in the Navy’s statement that the Navy is excited to have the Norfolk Naval Shipyard join our team.

“The Norfolk Naval Exchange is pleased to welcome the newest ship to the Navy, which provides an opportunity to bring our talented workforce together and build a new Navy Enterprise, and the facility is ready to serve the new Navy Exchange,” Deery said.

For more information about the Navy in the U.K., visit the UK Naval Exchange website.

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