How to avoid high prices on petrol, diesel, jet fuel at your local gas station


The price of petrol, petrol gas, and jet fuel has been a constant problem for Italy and its residents for years, thanks to the country’s volatile economic climate and political gridlock.

The price hikes have been accompanied by a spate of car thefts and the widespread availability of cheap imported diesel fuel.

The Italian government is planning to introduce a new tax on imported diesel and petrol fuel this month.

The tax will apply to all consumers in the country, including the wealthy, as well as to businesses and government officials, who are exempt.

The tax would be a small price to pay for a cleaner environment, more affordable cars and more efficient vehicles.

However, the new tax will not be enough to keep the economy humming.

In the latest example, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has announced a tax of 7.5 euros per litre on all imported diesel.

This would be less than a tenth of the current 6.5 euro per litres tax on petrol and 6.7 euro per liter of jet fuel.

Renzi said that the tax would also be used to increase public spending on transport, schools, and social welfare.

It is unclear whether Renzi’s tax will be implemented in time for the summer holidays, or if the new taxes will be delayed.

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