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Naval base Norfolk in Virginia will be the first US naval base to offer visitors a one-way flight to Guam and the US Virgin Islands as part of a $1.2 billion project.

The US Navy will use the facility to house and train Navy sailors, as well as train and equip them to meet the military requirements of the new US military headquarters in Guam.

“We want to ensure our sailors can get to Guam in a safe, timely and effective manner,” said Rear Adm.

David O. Smith, director of the Navy’s Naval Air Warfare Center.

The Navy has said that Guam and its environs will be an important location for future US Navy operations.

The Naval Air Wing is the largest component of the US Navy, with the service providing aircraft, ships and air support to U.S. Navy forces in the Pacific.

The new US Naval Air Forces headquarters in Guam is scheduled to be operational in 2021.

The Guam Naval Base is slated to be the home of US Navy aircraft carriers and the aircraft carrier USS George Washington.

The bases, which will be located on Guam, are located about 130 miles southeast of Guam and have a population of just over 1,500.

Navy officials announced plans for the Guam Naval base earlier this month.

They are using the base as a logistics hub for naval aircraft and other ships.

The facilities include a command and control center, command center, communications center, training area, and a large hangar for aircraft, which also includes the new USS George W. Bush.

The construction of the facility, which includes more than 50 acres of land, is expected to cost $1 billion.

The base will have a total capacity of about 1,400 personnel.

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